Faymus™ has a philosophy of building intelligent and sustainable ecosystems for tomorrow’s living which is reflected in every development that we embark upon.

Profile on us

Since 2010, Faymus has been at the forefront of developing highly livable, beautiful and sustainable buildings.

Guided by the best principles of planning, architecture and interior design and supported by affiliated professionals, each Faymus project has the quality and credentials to enhance how we with live with each other, with technology and with nature.

It's a methodology enshrined in the Faymus brand. Committed to buildings that anticipate - not just follow - change, the company promotes the interlinking of traditions and innovations to create homes that contribute positively to people's lives.

Welcome to Faymus. Welcome Home.

Our Philosophy

Faymus was always going to have a unique approach to building. From its founder, management and staff, its philosophy was always about identifying those factors that help people and communities prosper. It goes to the heart of this family-centric company that not only talks about these principles but demonstrates its commitment to them in every one of its projects.  

The approach is always around the theme of neighbourhood. Not content to identify a site and build on it, Faymus people immerse themselves in the community, acknowledge its heritage and diversity, understand what it offers and what it needs, and then, and only then, start the process of forming ideas that will contribute positively to the area and those people who choose to live there.

That's why you will meet the people from Faymus in the local cafes, hear about their ideas in community forums and see the Faymus name in support of local initiatives. And if you ever need to speak to anyone about any Faymus project, don't be surprised if it's the founder that personally answers your call. It's the way things are at Faymus, and as many would agree, the way it should always be.

Faymus also proudly suppports The Cancer Council and BreastWest.