Viva Macpherson Townhouses

In a street full of eternal substance and varied character, lined with beautiful Victorian front homes, Viva MacPherson Townhouses stand as a reflection of the past and a hint of the future. They blend gracefully into the streetscape yet make a bold statement of modern design, practicality and sustainable living.

Designed by architects, these unique townhouses factor in all aspect of the surroundings, nature and passive stellar design. The inner spaces are free flowing for people movement filled with modern affordable luxuries. Every open space has been carefully crafted to provide visual appeal and expediency.

Viva MacPherson Townhouses have been built to a level beyond today’s designated standards. They are classified as 6 Star residences with water retention system, gas boosted hot water system and double glazed windows as an integral part of the design. The Viva MacPherson townhouses stand as an emblem of excellence redefined.


21 MacPherson Street, Footscray

Date of Completion

31 January 2015